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  What is a Pest Control Product?

Pest control products, also called pesticides, are chemicals, organisms and devices designed to control, destroy, attract or repel pests. All pesticides must be registered by Health Canada.


  •  Herbicides control weeds;
  •  Insecticides control insects;
  •  Fungicides control mould, mildew and other fungi diseases;
  •  Algaecides control algae in swimming pools; and
  •  Preservatives control the decay of wood as well as other  consumer and industrial products.

Pesticides play an important role in controlling or eliminating pests that threaten public health and the environment.

Are home and garden pesticides similar to agricultural food production?

Yes. Generally home and garden pesticides are similar to those used in agriculture, but are typically diluted and tailored to home and garden use. Many are packaged in ready-to-use formulations. Only products that present low risks to the user may be considered for home and garden use. All of these products must meet Health Canada safety requirements and be registered by them before they can be sold.

Quick Facts
On a weight-for-weight basis, caffeine is between 25 to 50 times more toxic that some of the most commonly used lawn herbicides.

Many of the pesticides used today biodegrade rapidly, in some cases as quickly as several days.
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