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November 11, 2003
Immediate Release


- The People Agree: Gardening Should Not Be A Crime -

TORONTO - Backyard gardeners and other residents of Oakville, Ontario have voted a resounding "No" in a plebiscite asking whether they would support a ban on the use of pest control products on residential properties.

Residents voted "No" - as part of yesterday's municipal election - by a 1,000-vote margin (15,072 voted No, 14,073 voted Yes).

"Oakville residents have said very clearly that they don't believe gardening should be a crime," said Debra Conlon, Executive Director of the Urban Pest Management Council, which represents manufacturers and distributors of pest control products.

"Homeowners believe they have a fundamental right to make their own decisions when it comes to caring for their properties."

UPMC says it's unnecessary for municipalities to involve themselves in these issues, since registered pest control products are already extensively regulated by both Health Canada and provincial governments to protect the health and safety of people, wildlife and the environment.

"The appropriate role for municipalities is to provide education about pest control options, not to duplicate existing regulation and legislation," Conlon said.

UPMC has been a strong proponent of informed public education around proper lawn and garden care. This includes programs such as 'integrated pest management,' which encourages proper care and maintenance as part of safe and healthy gardening solutions. UPMC also advocates that, through promotion of integrated pest management programs, federally-regulated pest control products have an important role to play in contributing to a healthy, clean and green environment.

Further information:
Debra Conlon, Executive Director UPMC

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